Monday, October 8, 2012


I liked this recipe, it was interesting, tasty and something I wouldn't ordinarily eat.  It kind of captures the point of this experiment in cooking through Mike Isabella's cookbook, to focus and stretch myself.  And to bond with my beloved mother, Doris!   I had the day off of work (federal holiday) so I had time to make it.  Poached the goat in oil for two hours, piece of cake.  Cooked the polenta with water, milk and salt.  Added the goat cheese (I love goat cheese!) and butter.  Took a while and some stirring, but it came out nicely.  Crisped the goat (kind of a pain to seperate, I actually ended up getting bone in goat, my bad!).  Added the goat to the top of the polenta, topped with mint and saba.  Luckily my local liquor store had saba, I had no idea!  It was an interesting mix of textures, creamy polenta, crispy goat.  I like goat cheese in anything, so it kept the polenta from being bland.  Glad I made it.  I DO have to make a special trip for goat, so I can't make it everyday.

Bonus picture of my amazing kids at ICE! at the Gaylord, National Harbor, MD.

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