Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Oh wow!  One of those recipes that it is totally worth buying a cookbook for.  I usually buy a cookbook, find one recipe I like, and ignore the rest of the book.  And of course buy another one, lather, rinse and repeat.  I am better at buying books (especially cookbooks) than I am at using them.  That's one of the reasons why I am glad to be cooking through this cookbook.  I've actually repeated some of the recipes, like lobster risotto and pork belly and beans, but continued to cook my way through.  I have made some good things, like bread soup and pasta with clams, the other way.

Just took Harry outside and there actually is a wintery mix going on and it is only Noember!  Not good.  Anyway, to make this, you need a pound of roasted peanuts and 4 cups ??? of LARD!  Who knew there still was a recioe calling for 4 cups of lard?  I made a simple syrup with sugar and water and added the peanuts.  Not hard!  While they were cooking, I heated the lard.  I fried the peanuts in the lard.  After 3 minutes I removed them and topped them with grated orange peel, paprika, cayenne pepper and salt.  They were amazing hot, but still delicious cold a couple of days later.  Seriously, make these and take them to holiday parties!  

Bonus picture of Harry!

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