Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hope everyone recovered from the Marine Corps birthday yesterday!  Dakota Meyer has some excellent motivational quotes regarding the Marine Corps birthday and Vetrans' Day.  I managed to miss church today, forgot there wasn't an 8 AM service, what a knucklehead, but I did manage to fix the toilet...and in the same vein made a very yucky recipe.  I read somewhere that squid should be cooked for 2 minutes or two hours.  Guess the 35 minutes that this recipe called for didn't fall into either category.  To be fair, Josh said it wasn't as bad as I make it out to be.  Working in my favor, I had some "grand mother" tomato sauce already prepared.

So, I defrosted some baby squids I got at Grandmart and cut their tenacles off.  No problem there.  They were baby squid so the tenacles could be cut off with one slice.  I put the tenacles and scallops in the food processor and processed them.  I sauteed onion (I have never used more onions in my life prior to cooking Mike Isabella!), added shiitake, garlic and salt.  I mixed the tenacles (never have written the word tenacles as many times as in this sitting) with the mushroom mixture, along with bread crumbs, lemon zest and basil.  I was a loser girl and did not fill a ziplock bad with the stuffing and cut off a corner to fill the baby squid, but instead used my fingers and a spoon.  It was kind of ugly.  Anyway, got them stuffed, covered them with the "grand mother" tomato sauce and cooked them at 375 for 35 minutes.  They really smelled like bait!  I ate a couple and Josh ate a couple, but they were really fishy.  Don't know what went wrong in execution, but zero results.  Hug a vetran tomorrow.  We had hoped to go to Grafiato, but John has school at 1400, so don't think we can pull it off.

Bonus picture of Maj Spooner and Gunner Gore at Herbie's retirement.
The stuffed squid!

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