Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I don't know why I haven't blogged in a while, maybe I've been tired or busy in the evenings?  No good reason, just haven't.  Still been cooking Mike's book!  Heading to Nanty Glo this weekend to hang out with Doris and stuff.  ( used to work with a Marine who ALWAYS said "and stuff".  We used to make a (coffee) drinking game out of it in meetings. 

Made the fish fries and black mayo, after I ordered the squid ink on line through Amazon.  I thought I would run into some in my travels, but didn't so I succombed to peer pressure and bought it on line.  These were very tasty.  I remember when my ex-husband and I were in Monacco and a small boat captain was grilling his lunch of smelts aboard his boat.  They smelled amazing, so I've alwways had a soft spot for smelt.

I couldn't find fresh smelt, so I used frozen.  I defrosted it and rinsed the smelt under cold wqter.  I mixed flour, parsley, thyme and salt and dredged the smelt.  I fried it for 4 minutes in the deep fryer.  It was crispy and golden.  Easy enough!  I made the black mayo, which was egg yolk, anchovies, squid ink, lemon juice, dijon mustard, salt and oil in the food processor for one minute until it emulsified.  Not weird tasting, even though it sounds weird, kind of a more savory mayo.  Dipped the fish in the mayo and all was good.

Crispy fishies!

Another angle!

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