Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Surprisingly delicious!  I did not have high hopes for a recipe called sausage and peppers.  How boring is that?  The water, ketchup and bay leaf kinda made a sauce that was very nice, I just expected fried onions and peppers with my sausage.  Wish me luck on up loading pictures!''Sidenote.  My friend Pellegrin owes me lunch.  He offered me tips (good ones) on adding cilantro to the gnocchi sauce,  Hopefully he will come through.

So, I added oil to a pan, sauteed sausage, removed it and added onions and peppers.  I added the sausage back to the pan with 1/2 cup water, some ketchup and a bay leaf.  Cooked for 20 minutes, removed the bay leaf, sliced the sausage and served it on rolls.  Win!  Very delicious.  I am not a pepper fan, but they added here.  Will make again.

Still problems with photos!  I will investigate further! 

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