Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Wow, this is the coolest thing I've ever made!  Even though the sour orange relish was nasty and this is the last we will speak od it.  This was such a cool challenge for the Memorial Day weekend.  We actually had a big metal box.  Josh built a bamboo rack from bamboo in the yard to elevate the pig (henceforth known as "oinkers") off the bottom of the box.  I went to BK Millers and bought a 29 lb frozen pig on friday evening.  We brined it with 14 cups kosher salt and 4 cups brown sugar in a plastic box in the kitchen until Monday, icing it on the top. and putting it in another box on the bottom.  Josh started a fire underneath oinkers to warm up the metal box, closed the box, and lit a charcoal fire on top of the box.  We re-charged the fire 4 times, going through about 30 lb of charcoal.  Oinkers was amazing, we picked him after about 7 hours of cooking.  The brine helped in that it was salty but still moist and smoky.  A once in a lifetime experience, we gave pig to all the neighbors and are still eating it, with a barbeque sauce.

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